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Abrasive Recycling Machines (Steel Grit)

Super 8 Unit

Super 8 UnitARS introduces the new SUPER 8 UNIT:

  • Eight Nozzle Continuous Blasting System
  • Up to Ninety (90) Barrels of Abrasive Sforage
  • 6,500 CFM/ 28" HIGH VACUUM, 450 HP Engine
  • Dual Air Drying Systems with Desiccant Dryers
  • Six Component Cleaning Sysfem
  • Six Stage Air Wash with Separate Bag House
  • Lowest Air Consumption of Any Recycling Unit - only 45CFM

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Super Unit

Super UnitARS introduces the new SUPER UNIT, everything a steel grit recycler needs and more:

  • Six Nozzle Continuous Blast System
  • Sloped Storage Bin with over Sixty (60) Barrels of Abrasive Storage
  • Dual Air Drying Systems With Desiccant Dryers
  • Six Component Cleaning System
  • Six Stage Air Wash with Separate Bag House

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Super Unit - Stackable

Super Unit - StackableOur 100+ trailer units prove the technology…our stackable units take us to new heights.

Minimized Footprint – Maximized Blasting and Cleaning
Favored by Shipyards and Blast Houses

  • Footprint: Custom-built from 8’x12’ to 8’x20’
  • Components:
    1. 4,6 or 8 blast pots
    2. Diesel or electric power
    3. Desiccan Air Dryer System available
  • Patented grit-cleaning technology

Specification Sheet

Aries Vac Unit, Model B

Aries Vac Unit, Model BThis recycling machine utilizes the same superior grit cleaning technology used on the top-of-the-line ARS Argo Unit. This system will ensure that your steel abrasives will easily pass the most stringent requirements any owner or agency can impose on you. This is true not only for the next season but well into the future. This is the machine that all others are compared against.  

  • Six Component Cleaning System
  • Six Stage Air Wash
  • Air Drying System with Salt Tank
  • 4 or 6 Nozzle Continuous Blasting System

Specification Sheet

Aries Vac Unit, Model B2

Aries Vac Unit, Model B2The Aries model B2 provides the steel grit recycler with a mini Super Unit ready, willing and able to attack your smaller abrasive blasting jobs:

  • Five Component Cleaning System
  • Six Stage Air Wash With Separate Bag House
  • Air Drying System With Desiccant Dryer
  • Two or Four Nozzle Continuous Blast System
  • 2,600 CFM Tri-Lobe
  • 28" High-Vacuum

Specification Sheet

Aries Vac Unit, Model S

Aries Vac Unit, Model SGoing under the basic assumption that "time is money," all Advanced Recycling Systems equipment is designed to provide production levels that lead the industry.  The Aries Vac-S unit with 28" HG of vacuum power and up to 4,000 CFM can pick up your abrasives fast.  The classifier portion is equally fast and can clean 10 to 12 tons per hour.  This unit will out perform any competitor in its class and even some of the larger machines.  It can do all of this and still provide the cleanest grit in the industry.

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  • Tag-A-LongRecycles: 12 Tons Per Hour
  • Four or Six Nozzle Continuous Blasting
  • Air Drying System with Salt Tank
  • Increases Mobility
  • BUCKET ELEVATORS: Two (2) per unit
  • FAN: 1800 CFM, powers dust collector

Specification Sheet


X-MachineX-MACHINE: Purpose-built for Blasting and Power-Tool Work

  • Powerful 1,200cfm@ 28”Hg Hi-Vac Vacuum
    1. Clears waste from power-tool shrouds,
      allowing continuous operation
    2. Provides fast, efficient clean-up of waste
      at the end of the day
    3. 10x the power of a drum vac!
  • Auto-fill blast pot with two Thompson II valves
    1. Two-nozzle Continuous Blasting System
    2. Enlarged Pot with 12 cu ft of storage
    3. Ideal for blast and power-tool projects

Specification Sheet

PowerVac - Multipurpose Industrial Vacuum

  • PowerVac - Multipurpose Industrial VacuumStrong Vacuum: 2,367cfm @ 28” Hg
  • 54” Cyclonic Baghouse with 6” Inlet
  • Pulse Jet Cleaning of Filters
  • Gravity Discharge System
  • 6.8L, 170 HP John Deere diesel
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Trailer, Electric Brakes
  • 100 gal Fuel Tank
  • Certified Lifting Eyes
  • E-Stops with Vacuum-break Safety Pendent

Specification Sheet